Doing Good - a Challenge in Generosity

The children sprint eagerly to the mailbox, eager to see if Givy has left something for us again. We’ve reached day four of the generosity challenge and the children are fully immersed in it. Yesterday, we received a poster with our chosen giving goal, and using the Givt4Kids app, the children donated a portion of their giving allowance to our selected causes. We also contributed through the Givt app, and thus, we were already halfway to our goal! A little victory dance was certainly in order.

The giving goal now proudly adorns our American refrigerator, serving as a constant reminder of our collective family efforts and how far we can still go. With a stack of cards, the children excitedly storm back into the house. “Look, Mom, what we found in the mailbox.” We decide to take them along in the car as we head out today. The First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City is on the agenda. Since it’s at least an hour’s drive away, we have plenty of time to calmly look through the cards.

The colorful cards invite conversations about different ways of giving and challenge us to choose a goal for today and later evaluate how it went. We’re presented with seven options, and I feel challenged by some of the choices. Why does “learning something new” fit into this? Is that really doing good? We all choose a different card, and surprisingly, the process goes smoothly. Our son chooses to learn something new because “that’s easy”, after all, we’re going to the museum. Our daughter chooses to make someone laugh and then tries out all sorts of jokes with the humor of an eight-year-old. My husband wants to share something with someone else. I make it a goal to give someone a compliment today, realizing that no one chose the card to help with a chore at home.

The next day, as we sit around the table, we reflect on the previous day. Did we manage to do what we set out to do? We all remember how yesterday we eventually begged for an end to those lame jokes, and our daughter is immediately motivated to make a few more today. We also learned new things and shared lunch with friends.

I admit, I cheated. I woke up rather grumpy yesterday, and it took all my effort to genuinely give a compliment. I only managed it this morning. But how healing and connecting it feels to discuss this with my family.

Once again, it’s evident that the ‘generosity challenge’ lives up to its name, as it can still be quite a challenge to be generous in doing good.

How do you give?



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