Dream Big - A World to Share

“When I grow up, I want to be a gymnast,” our daughter announced. I was a bit surprised. Today, everyone was allowed to dress up for school in the profession they dreamed of, as part of the Dream Big Event happening in the gymnasium that evening. Our daughter wasn’t that crazy about gymnastics, but she absolutely loved her gymnastics leotard. So there she went in her sparkly outfit, with a pair of shorts reluctantly added on top at my insistence.

Dream big. It was a beautiful evening. Many parents had volunteered to represent their professions that night. You could unleash your creativity with building blocks, create your own little book, or study real chef’s knives. But among the firefighters, ballerinas, geologists, and engineers, you could also find the tables of philanthropists and the flower shop. The children could assemble food packages for the Tulsa Day Center and make small flower bouquets to give away.

That moment left me speechless. Dreaming big. What do you dream of then?

Is it dreaming of a world where we share what we have and no one goes without? Or a closet full of sparkly outfits and a world where you get to keep the flower bouquet for yourself? Or perhaps something in between?

If you could truly dream big, what would you dream of?


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