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It’s Mother’s Day. I was woken up extra early this morning. That’s the charm of the day when the children are still young and full of excitement. I was allowed to stay in bed for a little while longer. When I finally got permission to leave the bedroom, I was surprised by a beautifully set table, croissants from a French (!) bakery, and freshly picked flowers from the garden. Although I deeply enjoy such a breakfast, it could all be taken away from me. The fact that I was sitting at that table with my husband and my two children gave me butterflies in my stomach and a grateful heart. Amid a torn world full of unfulfilled desires, I realize that I am very lucky.

This is what I have to work with. This is my family, the group I belong to. Here is where I make my mark. The delightful antics of our daughter and the hugs from our son touched me. They had an impact.

If these children can touch me with their simple gestures, I hope that I can do the same for them. But I also hope that together as a family we can form a group that has an impact on the world around us.

I found an inspiring example nearby of how someone forms an impact group with their family. A father became so enthusiastic about the generosity challenge from Givt4Kids that he started an impact group in the Givt app with his family. They set a family goal for a Honduras Mission Trip. Together as a family, they aim to raise 6000 dollars to buy medicines for the mission trip they plan to take to Honduras this summer. So, the parents donate regularly, and the children give weekly of their giving allowance to this family goal. But not only that, they invite others to join this impact group and raise money together for the mission trip to Honduras.

Although a mission trip for our family is not immediately feasible, although our move to America has some similarities, this example motivates me to make my family an impact group and to discover where we can make a difference together.

How does your family form an impact group?


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