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We’re building the global giving standard with an app for digital giving, focussed on the givers’ needs. Our solution is used by over 100.000 people to give to their church or favourite charity.

For our small team of developers (7-8 FTE) we are looking for a Flutter Mobile Developer with 2+ years of professional Flutter experience and some 6 years of overall frontend experience. Your mission will be to help build an awesome giving app for children.

What we’re looking for:

  • You have proven yourself an expert at developing in Flutter. 
  • You understand the core concepts of state machines, memory management and asynchronous programming. You know how to store local user data and you’ve used BLoC to implement state management..
  • You know how to set up and maintain automatic releases with GitHub Actions and Fastlane. You’re awesome at reviewing PRs by your colleagues.
  • You know how to work with Design Systems and have set up and managed Component Libraries. You’re effective at translating Figma designs to awesome code.
  • You can interface with backend developers effectively, understanding their ways of thinking. Your own experience with backend development would be a major advantage, especially if you’ve developed in C# .NET. You’ll be able to work on more team priorities then.

What also characterises you:

  • You thrive in a startup environment where change is constant and you’re required to work outside your comfort zone.
  • You have a thorough understanding of user experience and possibly even product strategy.
  • You have a real knack for balancing speed and quality. To achieve this you increasingly work with smart tools like Github Copilot.
  • You have awesome English communication skills as we’re constantly interacting in a rapidly expanding environment.

Values we that guide the way we work are:

  • Ownership: anyone can influence any decision in the organisation.
  • Flexibility: every QI, sprint and day the priorities can change and we adapt.
  • Real collaboration: we hardly work by ourselves, we’re constantly pulling in colleagues for the task at hand.
  • As an originally Dutch company, our culture is very non-hierarchical and every one can and will rather bluntly express their opinion. 

If you recognise yourself in these, then please get in touch!
Givt is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workplace, we understand that you might not hit all the requirements stated in the description, but we encourage you to apply anyway. You might be the right candidate for this role or other roles.

We offer:

  • A salary of € 3500 to € 5000 gross depending on experience
  • Influence: the opportunity to shape all our next steps in our global adventure
  • Growth: as part of a small team, you’ll have to quickly learn a variety of technologies and be exposed to our users and the business side
  • Flexibility: your personal life has priority in defining your working hours (though we do sometimes put in weird hours if the mission calls)
  • Benefits: unlimited time off, quarterly travel to NL for a week of planning and meetups, training and office budgets, Glerups (look them up, they’re awesome)
  • We’re flexible where you work, however we will not process applications from developers not in our CET time zone (±1)

We are Givt

We are building the future of giving: a global giving standard. With the Givt app, you can give to charities and churches easily and quickly. We are a team of specialists, spread over the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and recently even the United States. We are all involved in the development and improvement of Givt. 

Unique product, unique work environment

Givt’s culture is one of transparency, involvement, self-organisation and self-management. You’re expected to make mistakes, but also own them. Both the successes and the mistakes are also owned by the team. The more you communicate about your personal vision for Givt, the more it’s possible to feel connected to the mission. Leaders at Givt are trained to help you communicate your needs whether you’re in a positive co-working vibe or in a conflict.

How we organise work

At Givt, we rely on your willingness to share your thoughts around work priorities and what you think about your work. You participate in the daily stand-up with full transparency and rely on the Scrum Master in your team to help you resolve impediments. You’re eager to pull information from the Product Owner or the end user to understand how their expectations impact your work. Aside from the bi-weekly Sprint Planning and Review ceremonies, there are Product Increment Planning ceremonies where we set goals for the upcoming 6 sprints. In the PI Planning you become part of a team that focuses on one PI goal.

The benefits of working at Givt

Besides a great opportunity to define your own contribution and you also influence circumstances in how you want to make that contribution. We’ll provide a competitive salary that you’re happy with and take care of all the securities of health, pensions and insurance. Your life dictates your working rhythms and there are no set rules on working hours and time-off. The key determinant is what works best for the team and yourself, works best for Givt.

How Givt is built

Take a look at what we’ve built so far:

What a Givt developer will use:

  • C#
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Dart
  • iOS – Android
  • macOS – Windows – Linux
  • Repository
  • UnitOfWork
  • Mediator
  • Android Studio
  • XCode
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Webstorm
  • KISS
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • .NET
  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • Flutter
  • Github
  • Bitbucket
  • Git-Bash
  • Fork
  • SQL
  • ArangoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • CoreData
  • UserDefaults
  • Realm
  • Flutter
  • React-Native
  • KMM

The kind of talent we are always interested in!

  • App developer (Flutter)
  • Cloud/DevOps engineer (Kubernetes) 
  • Back-end developer (C#)
  • Full stack developer (Angular) 
  • Customer success hero based in the USA
  • Sales tiger based in the USA


Business context

Check out in this video where we came from, what we want and our next steps are ->

Who are you?

Now you have an idea who we are, but who are you? Let’s meet and discover if you are the talent we are missing right know. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and let’s meet up!