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In 2024, we're helping 10,000 Tulsa families teach their children the habit of generosity




Teach children the habit of generosity

At Givt4Kids, we believe in nurturing the spirit of generosity from a young age. Our solution isn’t just about facilitating donations; it’s about instilling a lifelong habit of giving in children. By providing both families and churches with the tools and resources they need, we empower parents to cultivate generosity as a natural part of their children’s lives. Join us in shaping a future where generosity thrives in every child.

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Elevate children as active participants in church

Empower your children to be active participants in their faith community. Gone are the days of passive involvement; Givt4Kids elevates children by turning giving into a tangible experience. Through hands-on participation, kids learn the true value of generosity and the impact it has on their church and community. Let’s inspire a new generation of generous hearts together. Contact us now and see how your church can empower its youngest members through giving.

Empower your youngest members through giving.

Increase giving

Looking to boost giving in your church? Givt4Kids has you covered. Not only does our platform encourage children to give, but it also brings financial benefits to your congregation. With extra donations from the kids and a shortened gap between attendance and regular giving by families. Givt4Kids is a win-win for churches seeking to increase their financial support and teach the next generation.

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