Promotion checklist churches


Everything you’ll need for an effective promotion towards your congregation

At this page you will find everything you’ll need to get your congregation acquainted with Givt. People need repetition to get a message to really sink in. To get them to act on your communication, it is important to inform them through different channels. Our experience tells us that it’s important to tell your church what Givt is and why you are using Givt as a new way to give.


We want to assist you by making the promotion of Givt as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve created this checklist. This gives you a clear overview of all the things you could and should do, which channels you could use for it and where you can find all the pre-produced materials you can use. A clear and well organized communication around Givt will help the introduction to Givt will be experienced as smooth and welcoming. 😉

We have grouped the promotional material per channel so that, for example, the sacristan, the webmaster, the editors of the church magazine and the beam team can immediately see what he or she can use best. Because every church has its own character, we offer different materials so that you can choose what suits you best.


Givt is used in various denominations in America. Every service and every church has its own character and customs. We match your experience as closely as possible, so that our solution is given a suitable place during the collection.


You probably already pay attention to the various collection goals in your church magazine, weekly newsletter and e-mails. If not, it might be wise to think about this. Many people need some time to think and repetition before actually taking action. Paying attention to the different goals can help to increase the collection proceeds. If you are just starting with Givt, it is nice that you communicate this to your church members through a short text. This contributes to the fact that this new way of giving quickly feels ‘normal’.



Your website offers many possibilities. For example, people can download the Givt app from your website, watch a video about how giving with Givt works, read a text about digital giving or be encouraged to do a fundraising campaign themselves (with Givt). Do you have a special team that manages the website for you? Then forward the link to this page so that they have access to all materials.


Whether or not you are active on social media, social media can be a very useful tool to easily convey something to your congregation members. For example, is a missionary couple going abroad? There’s bound to be a fundraiser for that! Encourage your followers to also give by giving extra attention through a personal story. Many people use social media on their mobile, so they already have everything they need to make a donation.


Please also share the link of this page with other committees. Collection campaigns or collections are often held within a municipality by several committees. Think, for example, of selling limonade for a good cause. Givt can be used for all these actions! A QR code can easily be created via the Givt dashboard, making it very clear how much has been collected for a specific campaign.