Givt app – One solution for all giving moments

One solution for all your giving moments

For the many different social situations in which you want to give, Givt provides you with one solution to translate your generosity into action.

Givt is focussed on the needs of the giver. All your giving is in one straightforward app that you can whip out to give within seconds. Whenever and wherever you are. You get one annual tax statement of all your giving. You’re in control over your data and privacy. 

We’re focussed on that one thing which makes giving different from paying: giving connects people!

“Our digital giving with Givt is a resounding success. The church income has increased with Givt. I would encourage all churches: ‘Just do it!'”

Cor Jacobse –
Reformed Church Middelburg (NL)

“In an increasingly cashless society, I am delighted to be able to offer people, both visitors and regular members, the opportunity to give to the work of the Church using technology (an app) with which they are very familiar.  It’s very easy to use.  Givt is brilliant.”

Rev. Johnny Blair –
Church of England, Walton-on-Thames (UK)

“Givt’s annual overview is great! I’ve also added all my donations outside Givt. This way I have all my giving in one overview, which is essential for my tax return.”

Johnson – Givt user, London (UK)

We've launched in the United States!

After becoming the number one giving application in the Netherlands and expanding into other European countries, it’s now time to bring the best giving experience to the United States. The country where charitable giving is a most essential part of the fabric of society.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched in the U.S.. We’re launching with a select group of charities and churches to test and improve our solution. We will make it feel and work in such a way that Americans would love to give with it. Then we can scale rapidly all over the States.

Interested in taking part in that launch group and shaping our solution to your needs? Shoot us a message.

Follow our developments in the U.S.

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